Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's a girl...


As many of you know or have surmised, we are not finding out the gender of our baby. I'm enjoying the anticipation of the surprise, and Ryan enjoys tormenting me by claiming he knows the gender by careful observation during each ultrasound. Our last ultrasound was on Friday afternoon and as soon as we left he said with a big smile, "Well, I was wrong. We're not having what I thought last time."

Can you see what he's talking about?

P.S. Other big news from the ultrasound: MY DUE DATE IS NOW MAY 28TH!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nursery isn't all toys and snacks!

Look at what Marielle picked up while in nursery. Can you name that primary song?

On a somewhat related topic, since Marielle has learned to sing Book of Mormon stories I have found I have grown up singing one of the lyrics wrong.  I sing "all about the Lamanites..." and the correct words, "are about the Lamanites."  I am just curious if this was just a family thing, or a church wide phenomenon.  See poll on side bar. 

On Buying Clothes

Tonight Marielle chose her pair of green footsie pajamas to wear to bed tonight. I said to her, "Marielle, I'm glad I bought you those pajamas." (I almost didn't because I felt $3 for a pair of already worn garage sale pjs seemed a little high.) She responded with, "Who bought des?"
"I did." I told her.
"No, (with silly scoff tone in her voice) Grandma Sycamore buy dem."

When did she figure out all her clothes come from Grandmas? In my defense, I do buy some clothes for my daughter, just used ones.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I think we are going to make it....

So we've been potty training Marielle for a month now. It's going ok. I had hoped it would be faster considering, she's the one who refused to wear a diaper, but we still have accidents almost daily. My latest goal on the potty training track is to make it a week without doing an early batch of laundry. Tomorrow is Tuesday, laundry day, and right now it is Monday 2:58. We have one more pair of clean undies....will we make it????