Saturday, July 21, 2007

Spitting and Laughing

I love sharing Marielle's videos, but I hate sharing my own "baby talk" voice, so try to ignore me because I wouldn't want it to detract from the video. :)

Marielle gets Tickled

We love hearing our little girl laugh! And fortunately enough she is laughing all the time now. Here are a few belly laughs that we thought were especially cute!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Latest Pictures

Marielle got a shopping spree when her Grandma Mullen came to town. This dress was on clearance at The Children's Place and we thought it was too cute pass up. The matching bonnet I thought was the cutest part but her dad proclaimed it was "over the top." Mom proved she is in charge of wardrobe since Marielle did wear it to church. She was a hit and everyone called her the pioneer baby. Thanks Grandma!

This is what I see everytime I go to get Marielle up from her crib. She stands in that corner and waits for a rescuer to open the door. Most times she's got a smile, unless she's really hungry...

Here is how Marielle prefers to eat Cheerios. I found out her preference one day when I left the box within her reach. A snack time paradise!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Marielle Where Are You???

Marielle is crawling all over the place now. Mom and daughter are enjoying the new mobility as it makes Marielle much happier and she plays more independently now. Today I was sitting at our kitchen table catching up on our picture album and Marielle was playing on the floor with some toys. I heard Marielle start to cry and looked around to discover she was stuck underneath me. A good mom probably would have immediately rescued her baby, I chose to instead run for the camera. And if you notice the second picture Marielle is smiling so it turns out she wasn't that uncomfortable after all.

My Birthday Lunch

I was so surprised when my friends took me out for a birthday lunch. We went to a Mexican resturant that we love since they have a playplace for all the kids to run around in. We had such a great time swaping stories and catching up. We even had ice cream cake! :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Schlitterbahn Baby!

Houston Storms

Last week we had a pretty big storm. There was lightning, thunder, high winds, and lots of rain. The power went out and even though Marielle didn't seem to notice anything different, I held her on the couch (I think as an extra comfort to me) and watched the rain come pouring down. The storm didn't last very long, probably an hour all together but it sure made a mess in our neighborhood. We fared pretty well since none of our trees broke and our fences stayed up, but our backyard turned into a SWAMP!