Friday, July 20, 2007

Latest Pictures

Marielle got a shopping spree when her Grandma Mullen came to town. This dress was on clearance at The Children's Place and we thought it was too cute pass up. The matching bonnet I thought was the cutest part but her dad proclaimed it was "over the top." Mom proved she is in charge of wardrobe since Marielle did wear it to church. She was a hit and everyone called her the pioneer baby. Thanks Grandma!

This is what I see everytime I go to get Marielle up from her crib. She stands in that corner and waits for a rescuer to open the door. Most times she's got a smile, unless she's really hungry...

Here is how Marielle prefers to eat Cheerios. I found out her preference one day when I left the box within her reach. A snack time paradise!

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Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

yay for grandmas, shopping sprees, rescuers, and cheerios! :D
p.s. like the music