Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can We Make This Thing Go Viral???

Marielle and I (and Jenna) made this video little by little for about two weeks.  It's done now and we'd like the world to know.  So talk to all those people you know who are singing Nephi's Courage with mumbled or erroneous lyrics, and sit them down to watch.  Do an intervention if you need.  And make sure you watch long enough to see the real life kids who "go and do"  with great courage and cuteness everyday!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Real Campout

The last time I went camping, I told MK she couldn't bring an air mattress. Then I had to eat crow when I saw that 7 of our 6 camping neighbors had air mattresses in their tents. 

Since I'm still reeling from that mistake, I fully expected to botch at least one thing on this camping trip. But that's actually why I wanted to go now. I figure I'll spend the first few years making every mistake possible, but then, by the time Rex will have any memories, I'll be a pro.

This years mistake: I forgot my sleeping bag.  Thankfully my friend Dan had a spare, otherwise our trip would have ended with my being rushed to the hospital around 2am with hypothermia.

Instead, Rex and I had a great time.

Rex has always loved being outdoors. And he especially loved the commotion of camping. Anytime boys ran by carrying sticks, he would call out after them. He loved playing with his flashlight - which he figured how to turn on & off - until he hit me in the face and I had to confiscate it. He loved his dinner - which consisted of fruits snacks, garlic bread, Cheez-its, strawberry lemonade, & 4 scoops ice cream. He spit out the tri-tip I tried to feed him, and it was so good I happily ate his portions, too. When I put him in his crib, ~90 minutes after his normal bed time, he didn't protest. I guess even our 1 year-old knows when to not press his luck.

We apparently had so much fun, Rex needed an afternoon to recuperate.

I think Mom needed it, too.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Father and Son Campout

Ryan took Rex on their first male bonding experience.  We think they are having a little too much fun without us...

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