Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Fancy Shmancy Day

Ever heard of Fancy Nancy? She's the spokesperson for all little girls in tutus, beads, crowns, and sunglasses. The book is adorable, and can be life changing (Marielle refuses to wear shorts now because only skirts are fancy). We're relatively new to the craze, but not so new that a Borders Fancy Nancy Party didn't sound like a great family outing. If you don't know the story, Nancy teaches her parents how to be fancy, dresses them up and they all go out for burgers and ice cream while calling each other darling and sticking out pinkies. The story fit us quite well since Nancy has a Mom, a Dad and a little sister. So at eleven o'clock today we looked like this:

After the festivities we went out for burgers and shakes at In-N-Out. They were pretty messy burgers for such a fancy family, but boy did they taste good! I out-ordered and out-predicted Ryan on shakes since he didn't think we'd be satisfied sharing two shakes amongst the three of us (none of us finished our shakes) and my Neapolitan shake tasted much better than his chocolate. Ryan was shocked to learn another In-N-Out ordering code and accused me of withholding secrets until he became a California resident. What can I say? I thought it was common knowledge. When we finally walked out we were quite satisfied. (That's a fancy way of staying stuffed.)

In retrospect, the party was a lot like my Junior Prom. The real fun was dressing up and then hanging out afterward.

P.S. Marielle ate every Froot Loop on her necklace once we got home.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well the costume dilemma was resolved and as you can see Marielle the ballerina was accompanied this Halloween by the cutest little hot dog you ever did see. Hope your Halloween was fun and we'll be checking your blogs for pictures of your cuties. :)