Monday, September 22, 2014

April Fool's Fun

The world of pinterest, facebook, blogger, and the like has given us a mixed bag when it comes to parties and holidays.  On one hand it's awesome to skip the step where I have to think, and let someone else come up with all sorts of cute ideas for games, decorations, and food.  But on the other hand, I think we all feel the pressure to make every holiday amazing, memorable, and pin worthy.  I of course did not think of the sneaky meatloaf/mashed potato cupcake for April Fools Day, nor did I execute it with skill, but I did take a picture! So now everyone else can see what I cool mom I am and feel that they too must make these next April Fools Day.  Good thing I am behind on my blogging so that you have many months to prepare. 


I'm here to tell you that kids benefit from having a mom and a dad.  If it were up to me, my kids would have never seen nor smelled a plant that smells of a rotting corpse.  But Ryan stepped in and made sure they had that choice experience.  Thankfully I was "with child" when this plant was showcased at UCSB and I got to pull the pregnancy card and excuse myself politely from the excursion.  Clearly the smell would have made me nauseous.  Do you know they actually waited in line to see (and smell) this?

Nap Time at the Park

 Annette has taken many naps at the park.  So many that it is really not a photo worthy opportunity.  But when Rex takes a nap at the park, I pull out the camera.  Also it should be noted that I sent Marielle home to grab a pillow for him after he fell asleep.  I'd hate for anyone to think I was planning for him to nap on the park bench.  Our weather is nice enough to take an afternoon nap outdoors, but I don't want to encourage vagabond type behavior. 

PS Isn't that sleepy baby cute?

These Towels are Really Great

Last Spring we got a summer fun box from Shula.  Each kid got a disney towel with their name embroidered on it.  Two summers running we sure love these towels.  Here is Mary Karlee's hierarchy of kid towel utility.

1.  Towel
2.  Beach Towel
3.  Beach Towel with animated character on it
4.  Beach Towel with Disney animated character
5.  Beach Towel with Disney animated character and kid's name embroidered

There you have it future towel buyers, make your towel purchase go from boring to soaring!