Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Prize

There are lots of things I need to tell you for you to "get" this post:
  1. Ryan took the girls to the Hulme's pirate party last October.  The party was awesome, and so were the pictures he took.
  2. Kentucky won and so did I.  I beat Ryan for the first time in our annual March Madness Bracket this year! I got lucky and picked the last two teams standing, as well as the final winner.  My wager was Ryan's participation in FIVE scrapbooking sessions.  He has made good on two session so far. :)
  3. Recently we heard of a mission that had a rule, "Thou shalt not sing Master the Tempest is Raging like Pirates."
  4. Ryan is great at scrapbooking, if only I could convince him to join me more often.  Don't you think his layout is great?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The True Meaning of Easter

Today I watched some awesome videos about forgiveness, perseverance, and the gift of the atonement Savior.   Each one was short and poignant.  As I reflect on the Christ's life and resurrection, I'm truly grateful for the gifts of mercy and love from my Savior. Happy Easter!
Ryan and Rex at our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt this morning.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

At the Mickey Mouse Club House

Come inside, it's fun inside.

Rex got to be Mickey Mouse for Princess day at the zoo.  I had planned to dress him up as superman, but the morning of I came across a Mickey Mouse costume I had been saving for next Halloween. Good thing we busted it out too, because it never would have fit come October.  Marielle and Jenna both dressed up as Aurora, but Rex stole the show. He was quite the standout in the sea of young girls decked out in tiaras, gowns, and glitter. 
Rex shows the snakes who's boss!  No more mice snacks, got it?
Pre-zoo photo shoot

Our girls had a great time too.