Sunday, July 20, 2014


Can I have some water?
I need to go potty!
Will you spread my covers?
Rex is out of his bed!
I can't find my flashlight friend.

I've heard all these and many more stalls from my children in their last stitch effort to avoid going to sleep.  Tonight they were up to their usual antics, but in kinda funny, I'll look back at this and laugh kind of way. Here's how it went down:

I was finishing up the dishes when Jenna startled me with a hug from behind.
MK:  Ahh!  Oh, Jenna.  Hello. Back to bed.
Jenna:  Mom, I love you.
MK:  Yes, I love you too.  Now back to bed.
Rex (running into kitchen): Can we go to a waterpark right now?
MK: No, it's bedtime.
Jenna: The waterpark would be closed right now.
MK:  That's true.  Back to bed kids.
Rex:  Den can we go to Disneywand?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

If you give a baby a sword

If you give a baby a sword,
She'll probably bop you on the nose.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Respectable in the 80s

For Father's day we did a parody of "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and titled it "The Power of Dad." The kids and I had a great time practicing and getting all punk rocker for the occasion. I'm trying to do an air guitar, though the picture makes it look more like air ukelele.
Don't these girls look cute? After trying to recreate poofy bangs with such fine hair, I'll say it's a good thing that style is out.
And here is the Dad of Honor after the concert.  Happy Father's Day!!!

Letter of the Law

We have a rule that the kids can not bring in any toys they find outside.  I think Jenna's working the system.

Annette and Piper

 Many moons ago Ryan was talking to his mom about the great news that his sister Megan was expecting.  His mom mentioned how great it would be if "someone" would have another baby soon so Piper would have a cousin to grow up with.  At that moment Ryan knew we were in fact having a baby but we hadn't shared the news yet.  Two weeks later we got to give Shula that happy call that we took her advice and whipped up a baby.  :)  We were even happier once we knew both cousins were girls.  I'm so glad they'll get to grow up together.  
Piper is only two weeks older than Annette, but it definitely seems she's got the firm upper hand in the relationship.