Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sunrise, Sunset

I remember when I first heard the word "blog". It was nine years ago around the time when Marielle was born. What? Blog? What a weird word. People "blog"? Couldn't they have picked a better word that sounds bless like bog or bugger? When I realized I could have my own blog and have an outlet for showing off how cute my new baby was, I jumped onboard.  Maybe some of you remember when this blog was "THE MARIELLE SHOW"? Ok, so I never got around to changing the url, but this blog moved on to feature not just infant Marielle, but all four of our kids as they arrived.  I did have the decency to change the header.  Ha!
Me, as a first time mom. 

Over the years I have loved blogging.  I've loved sharing pictures, funny stories and sweet moments. I've loved your comments and following your family blogs too. I've loved having this space to practice my creative writing and share my thoughts. But as our family grew, life got busier and I found myself with less time to compose witty blog posts. A fancy new app called Instagram came along and I wanted in. I could share pics right away without having to find time to write an accompanying post. I liked how quick I could share our life, but I did miss writing. I also missed the somewhat polished record of our life. Every once in awhile I'd try to get back into it, but it felt like I was throwing a bottle into the sea. Was anyone reading my words? I could tell myself that I was "journaling" and I didn't care if anyone read my blog but me, but it simply wasn't true. I loved the comments on posts from friends and family. After I would publish a post, I'd crave feedback and be watching for comments. But blogs were dying, and I conceded that the quick and convenient won out.
This is what you would see if Nettie had her own Instagram account
Lately I've been feeling that hankering to blog again. To share my life and ideas. I've been a mom for nine years now and I think I have a few good ideas worth sharing.  So I'm back baby! I'd like to introduce you to my new blog I've entitled, "Sprinkles On My Oatmeal." I've been working hard to get it ready to launch and I'm excited to share it with my previous blogging friends first!  (If you are reading this than you have proven yourself as a tried and true friend!!) I'm going to write to a wider audience than family and friends this time around which feels a little scary at times. (AHHHH!) I want to share ideas like the cleaning games we play, funny kid quotes, and the tricks and tips I've picked up over the years.  It will have lots of pictures and stories about my kids, though you won't find posts about talent shows or vacations anymore. You'll see a whole lot of our life since all these ideas have been created and tested by my family. So come on over, and check it out.  Follow along and help me launch this into the blogosphere!!

Hopefully I won't be too annoying if you keep seeing other shameless plugs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter (oh wait, I don't tweet!).  I'd love to hear from you as I get this going. Feedback means everything to me and I want lots of input on how to make the blog better.  Am I'm sharing things that you find helpful? Am I being too bossy? Do the ideas work on other families other than mine? So with that, I'm closing the door on this little family blog.  It's been a good trip, a fun ride, but it looks like we other horizons to visit.
I write all my most important messages in cookies. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Still Rockin the Nightgown

Jenna has always loved this Ariel nightgown.  We can't convince her to retire it.

Long live the Ariel nightgown.  It might turn out to be a nice shirt someday. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Jump for Joy!

Tonight Jenna taught the lesson at family home evening.  She taught about joy and to finish up we took "jump for joy" pictures.  They turned out pretty cute and wanted to share.  (Jenna has the stomach flu and threw up multiple times tonight, but at this moment she was feeling pretty good.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Crazy Hair Day!

Jenna was a little nervous walking out the door with this "do" for crazy hair day.  "What if I'm the only one?" she said to me nervously right before walking out the door?  Haven't we all felt that pang of nerves before arriving at a costume party?   I think she looks who-tastic in honor of Dr. Suess week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween

Our kids were Raven Queen (from Ever After High), Aurora, A Ninja and Pirate Princess. 
A few friends asked, "how do you get Annette to keep her hat on?" Anytime she would grab for her hat, I'd say, "ahh!" which is baby lingo for "no" in our house.  This is the sequence of pictures I took right after I gave her the "ahh!" for trying to take it off at the kids Halloween parade.   You can see she is pretty sensitive to reprimands.  She was a happy pirate the rest of the day, promise!