Saturday, July 18, 2009

Important Lessons in a Young Girl's Life #45

Last week Mary Karlee taught a piano lesson to one of her adult students who brings her 5 year-old son, Carter. At some point during the lesson Marielle brought out her princess dress and the lesson was briefly interrupted to put on the dress. Carter meanwhile, was busy making gun sounds and flying Dad's Superman and Batman action figures around the room. Marielle didn't say a word to Carter the whole time he was here. Immediately after Liz and Carter walked out the door, Marielle said to MK, "He wouldn't dance with me."

MK's response: "Well, did you ask him?"
Dad's response: "Welcome to a life of frustration in which boys disappoint you and don't even know that they're doing it."

I can't protect you from all those clueless boys, but I will always dance with you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today I am Singing the Hallelujah Chorus

Last night Jenna hit her first ever seven hour stretch.
10pm to 5am...beautiful.
Love this baby.

Happy Fourth and Happy Matching Dresses

Jenna and Marielle were stylin' this fourth of July thanks matching ourfits courtesy of Shula's last visit to Houston. The outfits were a hit at our ward baseball game, the neighborhood parade, and our bbq that evening. I recognize that the fourth is more than just fashion, but isn't it great to look cute while celebrating our wonderful nation?? :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

If Ryan were a Realtor...

Have you ever noticed that Realtors love this arms-folded-smug-glance "power pose" on business cards, notepads, and grocery cart ads? Maybe Ryan missed the mark when he went into engineering. Would you trust him with your listing?