Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can We Make This Thing Go Viral???

Marielle and I (and Jenna) made this video little by little for about two weeks.  It's done now and we'd like the world to know.  So talk to all those people you know who are singing Nephi's Courage with mumbled or erroneous lyrics, and sit them down to watch.  Do an intervention if you need.  And make sure you watch long enough to see the real life kids who "go and do"  with great courage and cuteness everyday!


Jenae said...

This is awesome. What a fun project!


Karisa said...

Very cute! Great job! It must have been fun to do that together. Now if only the singer were more fun. I dislike a lot of the church recorded music because they suck the fun out of every song. It sounds too calm and too rehearsed, and too blah! I like it so much more peppy! (Confessions of a rogue music leader.)

Katie said...

Well you will at least get a couple hundred his from our house. We love it!

Lisa said...

The scene where the young girl was tempted to choose between the temple and the blow-up fun castle was particularly compelling. I hope she made the right choice.

This is so creative and fun. Your kids will never be able to forget this song now!