Saturday, June 2, 2012

From Concept to Execution

Jenna wanted an Ariel party to celebrate her third birthday.  This was a pretty sweet deal for me since Marielle also requested an Ariel party when she turned 3.  I got to reuse, recycle, and revamp the same games, crafts, and activities. We hunted for the junk (ahem, treasures), made seashell crowns, and danced to Under the Sea with seaweed streamers.  The one spot of individuality came from the cake. Early on Jenna described in garbled 2 year old lingo that her birthday cake should be wedding cake style complete with three layers and Ariel and Eric toppers.  Marielle loved the idea and drew up a sketch to make sure we got it right. I'll admit the final product isn't stunning, but the girls got to help decorate and it tasted great.  Happy Birthday Jenna  -- we sure love you!


Karisa said...

Very cute! And the cake looks yummy!

Lisa said...

Jenna looks so proud of herself (and she should be). I cannot believe how much she's grown up since we left Goleta, and it hasn't even been 1 year!