Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lunch with Dad

I wish we lived closer to Ryan's work. Especially after a lunch that was so much fun. Marielle and I don't go to often because it means around 40 minutes of driving and havoc on the nap schedule, but when we do it is always so fun and such a great break from our regular routine. I met Ryan and we took our lunch outside to the patio and enjoyed a nice lunch in the shade. As soon as we were done eating we went to visit the koi fish pond. It actually took Marielle a little while to realize that these fish were the same as the fish in her books. But soon she was making her famous fish face and trying to reach in the water.

Both parents taught Marielle lessons that we regretted. I taught Marielle how to throw a pebble in the pond. Seems harmless right? Not if there aren't any other pebbles in the pond because they keep it so clean. Luckily the water was kinda murky so as far as we can tell the five or six pebbles have not been detected. We'll be watching his next paycheck for any possible deductions. ;)

Ryan taught Marielle how fun it is to put your feet in the water. So fun that you just want to get all the way in right Dad? Well as you probably guessed we had to escort Marielle away from the pond and back to baby safe areas rather quickly. It was still a really fun lunch. Thanks Dad!


TheSycamores said...

Hi Mullens, I loved "our" lunch date even though I could only enjoy it through your blog pictures and description. Thanks for sharing, and Marielle looks amazingly beautiful in her little girl way. Now we need to see her famous fishy face.

Love, Mom

David Sycamore said...

It is wonderful to know that our little ones aren't the only ones to take things that we teach them (that we probably shouldn't) to heart so quickly.

Anonymous said...

How much fun! I love the pond-what a great work environment! Are they hiring teachers????