Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cuddle Up with a Good Book

Marielle has taken to Princesses as most young girls seem to do. We got a Cinderella "pin-cess" book at the library last week which she loves. She even likes to sleep with it curled up in one arm. Last night we couldn't find the book, so I told Ryan to grab any book and just hand it to her since it was dark, and she was already in her crib. Marielle held the book up to the very dim light streaming in from the hallway and noticed right away it was an impostor! The next five minutes were her screaming, "book! book!" while Ryan and I looking all over the house for the book. Since we do have another princess book (much larger and probably not as nice to cuddle with), I took that in as a close second. As I walked in she held out the other book disdainfully and traded for the real thing. I snuck in a few minutes later to see if she was still holding on to her book and the rest you can tell is Disney Magic!

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S+S said...

CUTE! She's getting so big.