Sunday, February 7, 2010

Why Aprons Have Pockets

Marielle has become my right hand* woman, I mean girl, in the kitchen. Marielle loves to help with dinner and runs to put on her apron whenever it's time to make dinner. This cute little apron, made by Sherrie Anderson, has a lovely pocket. Just for looks? Heck no! When it's time to stir, this girl is ready.

*(Speaking of being right handed, Dad has officially given up hope that Marielle will be a lefty, but is still rooting for Jenna. He cheers when Jenna reaches out for cheerios with her left hand.)


The Nance Family said...

I love this picture, so cute. Jenna is growing up and looks so happy.

sherrie bebe said...

Ha ha! She looks super cute in that! Sure am glad I stuck a pocket on it!