Friday, April 22, 2011

I Once was Lost, but now am Found

I learned the articles of faith by singing along to songs from a cassette back in the day. It didn't take any effort to memorize them, because I loved the music and sang the songs often. Fast forward to me as a mom wanting the same great songs for my own kids. (Yes, I am aware that the Primary Song Book has also set the articles of faith to music too. But are you aware those songs are not at all melodic or catchy and basically no fun to sing?) I scoured the internet a few years back with no success. I asked my mom if she knew where our old cassette was, but it gone the way of most items in a house with six kids: buried in an unknown drawer, garbage pail, or toilet. Impossible to track or retrieve.
Now fast forward to me last week looking for a Easter presents for Marielle and Jenna's baskets. I wanted something religious to attempt giving more attention on our Savior and less on the Easter Bunny. I saw a Scripture Scouts CD featuring the articles of faith and thought, "...hmmm, that would be nice, but I bet the songs aren't as good as my songs. " I couldn't resist casting out one more time in search of the songs. After a few carefully selected keywords, links, and clickety-clicks, I found the album! The page was filled with comments from other happy seekers like me who thought they would never find those songs again. The company who produced the songs is no longer around, and the songs aren't available for purchase anywhere. So I guess now the album is free to float along the tide of the world wide web. Due to the generosity of a stranger, I have those songs in my hot little inbox and you can too. If you also remember the songs fondly or even just want to challenge my claim that they are "so great", send a comment my way and I'd be happy to email you the mp3s. Sharing is caring after all. Consider it my Easter present to you.
I don't remember why we were dressed like Indians, but this is my siblings and I around the age when we learned those songs.

P.S. Article of Faith number eight is my favorite!


David Sycamore said...

I must have them. My children have been brought up never hearing these great works of art. The situation must be remedied post haste! You know my email!

Nathan and Sarah said...

Wow, I would Love them. That's how I learned the articles of faith as well. As I was reading your post I was hoping the outcome would be positive.

Katie said...

Yes, I have the memories! And yes, I would love the email! katiedana (at) hotmail (dot) com

PS - What cute little Lamanites!

Quite Content said...

Hi MK. I would like to have a copy of them too. We are trying to get Alex past number 2. He really responds well to music. I think that it would be great. Your family is so cute. I miss our library baby storytime.
edjstewart(at)yahoo (dot)com

Dad of the Year said...

Katie - we're not allowed to call them Lamanites any more. now they're Native Telestialites.

Jana said...

As much as I love most of the music in the Primary Song Book, I'm with you on the Articles of Faith songs. If you have a better set of melodies I'd love to share a copy with my grandchildren. Thanks so much for your persistence in finding them.


Jeannie said...

Oh man. That's quite a claim. I'll agree that the Primary Songbook versions are boooooring but they did work for our family in learning all the AoF. I would like to hear these better, happier songs to know for myself. Mind sending them my way?

Karisa said...

Love the picture! And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have those songs!

Article of Faith #3 and #4 aren't so bad in the current book. The rest are, like you said, no fun.

Karisa said...

Oops... my email if you don't have it is karicia55@hotmail.com

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I'd love to hear them: littletex55@hotmail.com

Patti said...

Thanks to your link on the bread from Mel's page, I found your blog. Hope you don't mind me barging in like this. I've never heard of the AofF's to different music- that sounds so wonderful! Please send them my way if you will.

Mia Hein said...

I know I am finding this post way late, but if it is still possible to get these songs I would be so appreciative, I have such fond memories of them! And as a struggling primary chorister, I think it could really help the kids out. If you are still willing to send them, my email is mariahein@ymail.com.
P.S. #8 is my favorite too. :)