Monday, June 13, 2011

Marielle and Jenna's Smooth Cake

Yesterday was Father's Day. You heard me, we celebrated Father's day a week early since we will be out of town next weekend and Marielle just couldn't bear to celebrate away from home. Ryan and I both had excellent "parent tribute" days this year because Marielle is now old enough to really participate and dictate how she wants to show her parents how much she loves us. In our family nothing says love like a treasure hunt.

Here's my mother's day hunt:

and here's Ryan's:

But I digress from the original purpose of my post. Marielle and Jenna's Smooth Cake. Lately I've been following a few cooking blogs and I sat Marielle down at the computer and showed her some pictures of desserts I'd been drooling over and hoping for an excuse to make. She chose this one. If you follow the link you'll see a tutorial hosted by a seven year old for "Jackson's Wacky Cake". I'm pretty sure she chose the dessert solely based on the coolness factor that a kid was making it, but hey, she gets to call the shots for this holiday. In the spirit of copying things you see on the internet, we decided to also make a cooking tutorial.
First off, assemble the ingredients and then smi-lllle for the camera.

Scoop and measure your ingredients. Be sure to spill lots of the floor/counter -- it's all good when someone else cleans it up.

Stir, stir, stir. This cake is wacky, no need for a mixing bowl. It is also smooth (at least that's what you re-name the cake when your four year old doesn't like the description "wacky").

Licking the spoon. Best part of cooking.

Finished results! It ain't pretty, but doesn't it just say love?

And here's one happy daddy. Happy Father's Day!


Dad of the Year said...

And let me tell you: that cake was delicious! I had seconds, and would have had thirds for breakfast, but MK made delicious banana nut muffins and I can't turn those down.

I had a great time on my treasure hunt. I wish y'all could have seen Marielle jumping as I deciphered each clue - which had a "starborst" attached. After I ate the 3rd one, Jenna pried my mouth open to ask for the "canny," so I shared for the rest of the hunt.

Thanks for making me feel like Dad of the Year, girls!

Hodnett Family said...

What a good mom you are Mary Karlee to involve the family in the present-making for Father's Day! I would have tried the cake too!