Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nobody Leaves this Place without Singin' the Blues

WARNING: This post will be humorous only to parents.

Today we are on day three of attempt number two to potty train Jenna.  I know you don't want the gritty details, but you can catch my sentiment by the blues riff I composed while the kids were in the tub tonight.  My blog (and pride) won't allow me to perform my piece, but go ahead and take your own artistic license with lots of soul and 'duh nu na nu na's.  Hey, we've all been there.

Potty Trainin' Blues

My baby's potty training, and though she's over two

This game has got me loopy,
I don't know what to do.

We've been sitting by the potty with book and games and songs,
Waiting, watching, waiting
For my girl to get it on.

I got the (baby, baby) Potty Trainin' Blues (baby, baby)
My baby loves her diapers,
But this crutch she's got to lose.

Her dad and me are cleanin' her pants and legs and floor
The dirty towels are mounting,
Too bad they'll soon be more.
 I've been trailing behind my tot watching every shift and fidgit,
But I turned my back; The flood came down
And Rex just now fell in it.

I got the (baby, baby) Potty Trainin' Blues (baby, baby)
My baby loves her diapers,
But this crutch she's got to lose.

P.S. If you caught my reference to Adventures in Babysitting in my post title, you can quench your hankering for the original Babysitting Blues here.  Man, I loved that movie.


The Dunhams said...

Too funny! Sadly, I knew right away that it was a reference to that movie. Classic...LOVE IT! Good luck with potty training. :)

Dixie said...

I'm singing along with you! Dave-o won't give up his diapers either. I tried potty training him a few months ago and he would hold it in until nap time. Then till bed time. Sigh!

Aaron n Jamie said...

oh man this cracked me up, especially since I just recently went through this and hope to never go through it again... oh wait, I am pregnant.....

Alayne said...

You are hilarious!!! Hang in there, and hopefully no more Rex accidents ;-)

Annie said...

Oh boy. Too funny! But not so funny since we're in for the same adventures soon. How about we have a potty training party? Think it will work? Your place? :)

nicole said...

We are singing that song too! Unfortunately that is with our 3.5 year old!