Monday, February 6, 2012

The End to March Madness

It's hard to make a friendly wager when you share a bank account with your betting partner. Ryan and I solved this dilemma a few years ago during March Madness by putting tasks on the line instead of money. For example in 2010,

Winner  Wager
MK      Ryan to watch a full season of Survivor
Ryan    MK to play at least 2 Ultimate pickup games

Ryan won and though it was VERY uncomfortable for me, I did my duty and fulfilled my end of the bargain. I played my games (while pregnant with Rex I might add!) and happily added Ultimate to my list of things never to do again.

We decided to repeat the tradition in 2011 because we had a great time making brackets and following the tournament to the championship. The offerings the second time around were

Winner  Wager 
MK      Ryan to cook 7 consecutive meals (incl. planning & shopping)
Ryan    MK to paint a watercolor of our family

No big surprise, but Ryan won again. And though I don't mind painting I was intimidated to start such a project. All my supplies were in storage and I was pretty certain that attempting to paint my children might make them look slightly deformed as my watercolor skills are not on the level of my nunchuck skills. The months ticked by and despite gentle reminders from Ryan every now and then, I continued to put it off. I am happy to say, 11 months from the time I lost the bet, my bookie doesn't have to harass me anymore. My picture isn't a work of art, but it captures this stage in our children's life and Ryan really likes it. The great part is, I really had a fun time doing it. I'm grateful for a spouse who loves to see me use my talents and encourages me to stretch myself.

ok, so posting the painting is kinda embarrassing, but I feel it wouldn't be a true post without it

P.S.  This post could have easily been titled "How to Get What You Really Want From your Husband" as both years Ryan surprised me by giving me my "wagers" as gifts later on. For Birthday 2010, he gave me the gift of watching Survivor together, and for Mother's Day 2011 I got a week off of cooking. I loved both.


Jeannie said...

Mary Karlee, that is beautiful! Why in the world would you be embarrassed by it?? Now I'm wondering what I can wager with you to get you to do one of my kiddos...

Aaron n Jamie said...

So... now I want to see your nunchuck skills if they are better than your painting skills - this should be impressive!

Shirley said...

You are quite the artist. I hope to buy one of your paintings in a gallery in the near future. I also, want to see your nunchuck skills.

Ben said...

I know what i'm getting you for your birthday.

I still need to cash in on Kimi's march madness wager. Good reminder.

Hodnett Family said...

Wow Mary Karlee! I never knew you had this talent! I absolutely love it!