Sunday, June 16, 2013


Motherhood is full of stress.  My kids whine a lot.  (Don't yours?) They squabble.  And they hate going to bed.  But my life is also full of lots of happy moments.  There's not much for me that trumps watching my kids eyes light up and seeing the grin spread across their face when they are feeling happy, proud, or being silly.   Here's a few I got lucky enough to catch on camera:


Katie said...

This made my day. I just sat down to Google Reader with my breakfast and an overwhelming to-do list, and it was just the nudge I needed to focus less on the mundane today, and more on the joyful moments. Aren't we lucky!

Adorable pictures!

Lisa said...

For some reason the shot of Marielle and Jenna at your kitchen table reminded me of our Visiting Teaching chats. (Maybe because the couch we sat on is right next to the table? Who knows.) I love their big smiles.

Those happy moments are the best, aren't they? It's especially awesome if you can catch them on camera because then you can keep looking at them to sustain yourself in the middle of a toddler meltdown!!!

Flem said...

Do my kids whine? Only every other breath.

This is a nice way to capture the joy of the moment without focusing on "Seriously? You are complaining because I bought ice cream instead of shakes?"

Thanks for sharing.