Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Year of the Baby

Stats for today
Number of Sick Kids: 2
Number of times Annette let me put her down without throwing a royal stink: 0
Times left the apartment on foot: 1
Times left the apartment by car: 0
Number of naps taken by Jenna : 3
Number of naps taken by Rex: 2
Number of naps taken by Mom: 1 
Phone conversations where I committed to begin potty training Rex today: 4
Actual potty training attempts: 0
Diapers changed: 10
Times Rex or Jenna coughed in or touched Annette's face: 27
Number of family members eating dinner at dinnertime: 2
Number of family members eating popcorn at dinnertime: 2
Dishes done: 0
Number of family members who showered and/or got dressed: 3 (unfortunately, I wasn't one of them)
Time spent cuddling sick kids or nursing baby on the couch: Priceless 


Ben said...

Being a data guy this post really spoke to me.

Katie said...

This made my day :) Good work, Mom!