Sunday, June 8, 2014

Lunch with Cousins

My mom and I had a great idea to get the kids together for lunch.  It seemed simple enough: buy kids lunch, let kids play.  It wasn't that simple.  Grandma and I were exhausted after lunch.  Before we even ordered, Abbey skinned her knee.  She was "too sad to eat" she said and would only be consoled by cheese crackers.  Grandma obliged and left me with the kids while she walked to Thrifty to buy the crackers.  The food came and Abbey held her ground, no offers of fries or chicken nuggets were accepted.  Grandma arrived with the crackers and it seemed all was well in the world.  But Grandma started passing out Cheezits to all the kids which sent Abbey back to tears because she didn't want to share. I left at this point to go order lunch for Grandma and I from Panera down on the other side of the mall.  Just as I got back,  Jenna needed to go to the bathroom.  My stomach grumbled from the wait, but I took Jenna, Marielle and Abbey back to Panera to use the restroom.  We came back to the table to find Mikey sobbing because he had fallen and gotten hurt.  Just as he settled down, he knocked over his cup spilling orange soda all over his pants.  He cried and earnestly wanted to know, "why does everything bad happen to me??" We cleaned up the mess and then I finally started to get out lunch for Mom and I.  By this point Marielle was done with her lunch and wanted second lunch.  I shared the bread and broccoli soup with her and Jenna. Funny enough, after all this I still finished my lunch before Rex and Mikey.  Probably because they were eating about one french fry per two laps on the kids play yard.  Despite my attempt at making this story more dramatic than it probably was, I love having cousins and Grandma just an hour away.  Here are a few poses I took while we waited for our lunch.
Jenna hasn't quite mastered how to smile on cue.

Can you see the orange soda? It looks so innocent all nice and contained in it's cup.

Abbey in the background looking a little sad.

Jenna has mastered the sticking out tongue on cue.

Lunch with Grandma is the best!

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