Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baby Blessing

Dad and Daughter before church
Marielle's dress overwhelmed her a little -- mom loved all the ruffles, Marielle hated them
Such a little lady!

Sunday was a wonderful day for our family. Marielle was given a name and a beautiful blessing pronounced by her father. About five minutes before her blessing she started crying. Ryan took her out to see if he could calm her down, but it was no use. They announced her blessing and before we could even see Ryan, we could hear Marielle screaming. As he walked up the aisle you could hear a ripple of laughter from the congregation. The two grandpas and dad couldn't settle her down, so the counselor said we could try again after the sacrament. Somehow that flipped a switch in Marielle and she stopped crying immediately. It was so funny. By the time the sacrament was over Marielle was sound asleep. Ryan blessed her with many wonderful promises and gave her the name we agreed upon. :)

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