Sunday, September 16, 2007

Becoming Like Ryan

So I've always heard how I would become more like my spouse the longer I am married to him and I found out this week, it's true. You see I found myself picking raisins out of my cereal. I realized I was doing this because a few weeks ago when I bought the cereal Ryan commented that he didn't like raisins. After eating a few bowls with the raisins I thought to myself, I don't even like these raisins, all they do is just stick to my teeth. So my previous raisin neutrality turned into distinct dislike, so much that I would take the time to actually pick out the raisins and all this because of my husband! Along this same vein, I realized that I hardly drink soda anymore because Ryan doesn't like soda. (He absolutely refuses to drink any carbonation, not just word of wisdom "iffy" sodas.) When I asked Ryan in what ways he is becoming like me, he says, "I got my ears pierced." Ha, ha. I'm sure I'll found his Mary Karleeisms soon.

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Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

That's so cool. I like chocolate now, all because of my hubby. He's mad. I'm happy. :D