Monday, September 24, 2007

Ryan's Business Trip -- DAY ONE

Ryan left this morning for a business trip out to Wyoming to do oil well stuff. I am never sure exactly what he does when he goes on his trips (he does try to explain) but I know this time he will be wearing coveralls the entire time. The coveralls are great, he'll look just like a mechanic -- they even have an embroidered patch with "Ryan" on the front. To ease his homesickness I promised I would post pictures and even a video or two on the blog for him to look at each night in the hotel data center. So watch for daily posts until Thurs when he returns!

One phone is just not enough!

Love the smile!

She's actually smiling because she sees the camera and wants to play with it...

Close UP!

For the untrained eye, she is stuffing an outlet protector into her mouth. Baby-proofing your house doesn't work when your baby can remove the safety mechanisms and put them in her mouth.


Nick, Jen and Spencer said...

Oh my, your little one is so cute. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Ryan - have fun on the big trip...

Ryan said...

Love the pictures & miss you both! Thanks for the update!!