Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch!

We went with some friends to the pumpkin patch. Boy, have pumkin patches evolved since I was kid. They had hayrides, trainrides (same thing as the hayride, but with a train facade at the front), a craft fair, jolly jump slides, a full barbeque lunch menu, tons of photo backdrops, and duck races. All of these activities were of course for a cost. But I am sure there is no need to tell all of you this since I'm pretty sure this is a national pumpkin patch phenomen. Anyway, we went, we saw, we paid the bucks, and now you can see how cute Marielle is amidst pumpkins.
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123checkoutthefamily said...

Holy cow! Ya'll must have made your trip to the pumpkin patch when there were still a lot of pumpkins. They were all scattered when we got there.

Marielle is so cute! I hope you didn't have the picture battle with Marielle that we had with Brayden. Seriously,we finally got a really cute picture and it was the very last one we took. He just doesn't want to sit still.

123checkoutthefamily said...

PS. We missed you at the birthday party on Saturday. We have something for Marielle.We probably won't be at Baby Storytime today b/c there's soooo much to do. Our friends from Lufkin are coming into town tomorrow so we've got to get ready for them.