Friday, December 14, 2007

The Christmas Pictures

Here's our attempt at a nice family Christmas picture. They didn't turn out that great but they'll do. Here's a few behind the scenes "fun facts":
  • We took this picture in a apartment complex lobby. We know no one who lives there, but we've noted that generally those lobbies are decorated nicely in an effort to attract customers. We guessed they'd have a good tree, and they did!
  • Ryan's shirt was as close to a Christmas color as we could find in his closet.
  • I made a bow for Marielle's hair that morning to match her outfit. You can't see the bow in tree pictures because it looks like one of the tree decorations.
  • Last of all, what we'll do different next time-- Get someone who knows us to take the picture. Perfect strangers don't do well with "take another one. Was she smiling? How about one more? Let's see if we can make her laugh. Now! Oh, we missed it. Here let's try again..."


Stacey & Justin said...

That is so hilarious that you went to a random apartment complex. What a great idea! The pictures turned out great, and Marielle is so pretty with her cute bow.

David Sycamore said...

Who knew that you wouldn't get the cops called on you for invading an apartment complex office. Seriously, I'm not sure why you would even think of something like that. You'd think there'd be better places. Of course free spots for nice photos dwindle in the wintertime. But I give you a check plus on the idea of taking someone who knows you along, and respectfully add, also someone who knows how to take pictures.

erica ernstrom said...

this is so funny. gonna start a family christmas tradition of going to apartment complexes for your pic? :)

The Marielle (and Parents) Show said...

david - desperation. desperation & tradition. last year we were desperate after having driven around for ~45 min looking for a good backdrop (your parents know that's an eternity when you have kids dressed up). We passed an apartment complex on our way home, and I jokingly suggested to Mary Karlee that we take our pics at the apartment complex we were passing. Being a Sycamore, she loved that it was free & being a Mullen, she was just daring enough to do it.

This year it was tradition.

Erica - see above. The tradition's already goin!

123checkoutthefamily said...

Hilarious! Ya'll are so funny. I love the picture and really, you could take it by a bare wall and it would be great. Marielle is the cutest!

I still need to send you some pics from the Christmas program. I can't tell you how many people got a kick out of them all dressed up. She's fun to watch! Thanks again for watching Brayden for us this Thursday. :)

David Sycamore said...

Heather says that my first comment was too harsh. Probably. Let me revise. Not saying you had a bad picture, I think it is cute. I just think it's easier to get a good one when the person taking it cares about/knows how to take the picture. Also, we have taken our fair share of family photos in unusual locations, but I think this one trumps ours.