Sunday, January 27, 2008

Important Lessons in a Young Girl's Life

4 in 1 day. It was a growing afternoon.

#86: Just because you can fit something in your mouth, doesn't mean you should. Really, Marielle learned this lesson a while ago, and she will continue to learn it in the future, but yesterday at lunch Mom phrased it just so as Marielle jammed a full wheat thin in her mouth, only to find she couldn't then chew it.

#24: Fingers and drawers don't mix. Marielle's first (of undoubtedly many) smashing the fingers in a closing drawer/door experience.

#396: Dad's aren't perfect. Sometimes they make you fall. I know this is supposed to be one of the later lessons, but Marielle got a crash course at the park yesterday. I was 'helping' her stand up, but apparently let go of her a little too soon. She fell forward, smashing her lower lip on a stair and cutting it on her teeth. Let's just say that Dad freaked out when he saw his little girl with blood spurting out of her mouth. The rest of the afternoon, Marielle kept trying to spit out the taste in her mouth like it was one of those gross vegetable baby foods Mom insists on feeding her.

#103: Catching a bubble is harder than it looks. A friend of ours gave Marielle this little battery-powered bubble blower that cranks out a hundred bubbles in 20 seconds. We loved hearing her squeal in delight as she was surrounded in a cloud of bubbles. In the post-video shoot, she actually tried to catch them, but every time one landed in her hand, it would disappear.


Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

I like how you are blowing the bubbles right her face! Nice. :D

123checkoutthefamily said...

You would think Brayden learned his lessons about drawers and fingers b/c he smashed his really good last week. It actually took off some skin. Apparently not though, he was right back at it again today.

The bubble video is so cute. I'm glad she's enjoying the bubbles!

Petra said...

Ryan and Mary, reading this blog has reminded me how much fun it would be if you lived closer and how fun of a roommate Ryan was. It is to bad Texas is so large and so far from Utah (Alaska is bigger). Marielle is the cutest little girl! I hope we can keep in touch and by the way I need a phone number for you guys, preferably one I can use to send Ryan random text messages to annoy him. Call me if you still have my number.

MB said...

Our Marielle loves bubbles as much as your Marielle!