Thursday, January 31, 2008

Marielle on the Runway

Doesn't she look like she could be walking down the runway at some international baby modeling show?? Check out the posture, the head tilt, the power step. Yep, she's got it. (Poise counts! Poise!!)

I had to post this one too, so you could see a close up of her toothy smile. :)

PS Thanks Grandma Shelly for the adorable outfit and accessories!


quite content said...

She is growing up so fast. I can't believe how big she has gotten. Hope that we can get together soon.

123checkoutthefamily said...

Holy cow! She's such a big girl now. I haven't seen ya'll in a while and look how much she's changed. Hey, I really am trying to get that play group together. How about the 2nd week in Feb. @ 9am?

I got that tutoring job and will probably start in another week. They had to have a crazy letter verifying that I have worked with children. They spoke with my principal as a reference but I guess they still wanted one. After 3 years of teaching, I'd say I worked with children. :)

123checkoutthefamily said...

Oh, are we still good for next Friday the 8th? Ward adult social?

Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

She is a doll! I miss her!

TheSycamores said...


Anonymous said...

Very cute! She's getting so big!