Friday, April 18, 2008


Marielle has discovered her agency in the last couple weeks and replies "No" to a good 72% of the questions we ask her. I'm not sure yet how much she understands of what we say, so we tested her yesterday when we were outside going for a walk. It was so funny, I wish I had caught this on video but I'll just have to keep replaying it in my mind and hope you catch a small glimmer of the moment from this post.
MK: Marielle, do you want to go inside?
Me: Noh. (think Swedish accent)
MK: Do you want to go to bed?
Me: Noh.
RG: Do you want a million dollars? (mimicking MK's voice intonation)
Me: Yah. (big grin and nodding head)


Sarah Hyer said...

She is either very intelligent (which I am sure she is being that she has Ryan and MK for parents), or I wonder what she thought you were asking her.

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