Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You Can Throw A Shower in Just Two Days!

I visit teach a girl in our ward, Paola, who is expecting her second baby. Because her first is a girl and her second will be a boy, having a shower is helpful but not necessarily a given. And that is why after 36 weeks of pregnancy we realized that maybe we should throw her a shower. I should also mention that although 36 weeks sounds like plenty of pre-baby time, Paola is already on bed rest was given medication to stop contractions. Upon consultation with my party planning pal Sherrie, we decided our best bet was to have the shower after the baby was born. But Paola didn't want to wait. So on Monday we went out an Evite, and just two days later that Wednesday we threw the party. Surprisingly the shower was very fun and well attended, all things considered. This picture illustrates my favorite part of the party: Designing and Modeling toilet paper diapers. (As Ryan would say, men will never understand shower games!)

PS Sarah, if you are reading this, we missed your diaper cake!


PSC said...

The diaper cake is sitting here at my house. I am not really on the ball at the moment (can you tell).

Ben said...

I don't understand baby showers games either . . .