Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can Babies Live on Cheese Alone?

Marielle is having a cheese only day. I am having a please stop screeching day. So if she screeches every time I bring out something that is not cheese, is it bad that her lunch consisted of nothing but grated cheese? Sorry five-a-day, I tried.


Ben said...

what a weird picture

Karen said...

I wouldn't worry about it yet!

Ryan and Courtney said...

Why do kids love so much cheese anyway? Our little girl would live off it if we let her. Of course we like it too and if she likes it that much, then have at it. It is a healthy snack and it could be worse like cigarettes, crack, meth, a little alcohol. That makes cheese sound pretty good doesn't it? I eat lots of cheese and regardless of what others say, I'm fairly normal.
Hope you guys are doing well! It's fun to check out your blog once in a while. Take care!