Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good deal!

Mary Karlee woke up very excited yesterday morning. Although, we'd been out late dancing the night before, she was up and dressed before Marielle had even stirred. "It's like Christmas," she declared with a big grin on her face.

For those of you that aren't local, yesterday was the Longwood Subdivision annual garage sale. Longwood is a large subdivision neighboring ours that is filled with affluent families that have at most 2 kids - that means their baby clothes and toys are in great condition. Last year, the place was packed and by 8 am, when the sale officially started, most of the stuff was already picked over. So we were out the door by 6:45, and by we I mean Mary Karlee in one car, and Marielle & I in the other.

My Mission was to find a plastic playset. These usually go fast, as there are people in big trucks who snap them all up and sell them for a markup. My back-up plan in case I couldn't find one at a sale, was to locate one of these trucks and just steal one. Thankfully, I didn't have to put on my ski mask because I found this Little Tikes Cube Slide:

The Loot

So although I think I went a little overboard, I had so much fun! I just love getting a great deal. I spent a little more than I was expecting, but hey, look how much we got! And now Marielle's younger siblings cannot complain that Marielle got everything new, because even she has hand me downs. :)

The great thing about this year's sale was low crowds. Generally they put up signs the week before and people come out in droves. This year the signs did not come out until Saturday morning and the streets were empty until about 9:oo am. Some highlights for me: an American Flag (I'd been wanting one as long as we've lived here but who remembers to go flag shopping?), gymboree outfits that look brand new, a swimming pool inner tube, a little tikes scooter for $2 (!) , our play place of course, and a baby doll stroller which Marielle LOVES. Oh and of course the FREE desk. Saturday was also trash day and somebody put a desk out with their trash. I of course snatched it up because it seems to be in decent condition and I was looking for a small table to set up an art station. All in all it was a great morning!

Just Missed the Dump!

(Ryan again) I'll finish up with this conversation I had with my mother-in-law:

Ryan: So, I'm just curious, does this garage sale gene come from you or Dad?
Mom: Definitely me. You get such good deals. And my mom loved them too. Though in her day they were called rummage sales.
Ryan: Groan. So you're telling me this is at least 3 generations deep. Marielle's probably infected, too. At least my son's will be safe.
Mom: I don't know. All my sons love Craig's List.
Ryan: Ahhhhhh!



Ben said...

haha! Its true! we all love craigslist! Your sons are corrupted as well. Thats what you get for finding a Sycamore.

Texas Harveys said...

Oh so jealous! I love finding great deals! The play set is amazing!

The Nates said...

Mary Karlee, I wish we lived closer to each other because I just think we would get along great. I went out garage sale-ing on Saturday as well. I get so excited for the big neighborhood ones. nathan just laughed when he read this posting. (I think it made hime feel better to know I wasnt the only one obsessed!)

Karen said...

Besides all the great deals you went "garaging" for, your grass looks really green and full! Love you guys!

erica e said...

oh, this is painful for me to read because we missed it. glad you found good stuff though.

Anonymous said...

Dang, I live in the wrong place. Too bad we don't live close and we'd have lots of fun with garage sales. I sure miss you@

The Charlie's said...

Amparo would be so thrilled if they had something like that here in Utah. You would think they would, but they don't. Lucky. The Charlie's love sales and bargains as well.

Sarah Hyer said...

Ah, man! I terribly miss Christmas in the spring. No master-planned community garage sales for us. We'll have to be content with craigslist, I suppose.

Anonymous said...