Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mom Baby

I'm not sure what happened. Somewhere in the past week my cute, smiling, easy-loving baby girl got lost in the time stream and replaced by a temperamental, no-need-for-Dad, wants-only-Mom baby. I'm tempted to buy/steal a flux capacitor so that I can go back in time to find my daughter that doesn't cry every time she sees me, but then I'd have two Marielles. One of which who still doesn't like me, and the other who would become that way in a week. And from what I've heard, having 2 babies is so much easier than 1 it can hardly be called Parenting anymore. (Right, Alex?) Mix that all in with the scientific research presented by Napoleon Dynamite and Marty McFly on time travel, and I think it's all just a little too risky.

We just need to ramp up the Daddy-Daughter one-on-one time so Marielle realizes I am not the bad guy. Accordingly, yesterday when I got home from work, Mary Karlee had packed as some sandwiches, and we went off to the park. I quickly learned that MK had been neglecting our daughter's education because she didn't even know how to make explosion sounds. I taught her to drop a pebble down the ladder chute and say "Bombs away! and then "Brrgggghhhh!" when it hit the ground.


Melissa N said...

Addison does that sometimes - she goes through phases (sometimes a day or more) where she just says "no, no, NO, DaDa!" whenever Matt comes near her or tries to hold her. And then she screams till I come back to save her. It makes me laugh!

Texas Harveys said...

Explosion sounds are very important. By the way, I lied to you the other day. Seriously. =]

Texas Harveys said...

As in Kristi. Not Taylor. Anything he told you was truthful.

Stacey & Justin said...

Sounds like the terrible two's are starting early. Welcome to it...Don't worry, she'll like you again in no time. Try to think of it from Mary Karlee's perspective. I promise it can be just as frustrating for her.

Aiden won't let me do anything unless he watches me or I hold him. I love him to pieces, but I sometimes I wish he would cling to his Daddy, instead of screaming at the top of his lungs "Mommmmeee!" everytime I head to the bathroom. Crazy kids:)

123checkoutthefamily said...

Yeah, Brayden has been that way lately too. He wants me to hold him and sometimes I'm really ready to pass him off to Matt. I've had to leave the room so he gets that good dad time.

Glad the gift card dilema is resolved. It's funny but there was a Wal-Mart gift card on the ground the other day and I picked it up and tried it hoping I might just have your luck. No such luck!

Thanks for the invite for scrabble. Sorry we didn't make it...we had just gotten back from Utah. Now we have family through the end of the month. It's a crazy month!

Ally said...

Even though I feel like I have to be a mom to leave a comment, I'll leave one anyway!!

I think you should make a blog about how I'm her favorite aunt...there's no denying it, it's coming from her own mouth!!