Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Results...

The gift card finally made it home. After knocking on several doors (guess my memory wasn't so great) over a couple days with no luck, I gave up the search. I figured I had given it my best shot, but I just couldn't keep knocking doors. Just for the record I "cleaned up" the story a bit by just saying I found the gift card on my way home one day. Then yesterday I noticed someone was throwing away a crib box. Figures the answer would also come from the trash heap! The mother to be was very happy and grateful, and I was glad to the saga was OVER!

Now to completely change the subject-- if you feel like stalling before you start your dishes, here is a great song from youtube. I heard this song on an old time country station and loved how mellow and relaxing it is. I later found it on youtube and enjoyed watching the pictures that go along with the lyrics. It'll make you smile, I promise. :)

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erica e said...

hA! i love the gift card story. glad it made its way home without too much embarrassment! :)