Monday, November 24, 2008

Gem for the Day

This morning I was organizing my computer files and ran across one of my favorite emails. Here's the back story: The summer after my mission I worked as a customer care agent for an online real estate company, Realtor.com. I started with phones but soon got moved to the email department. It was an awesome move since when people yell over email all they can do is put EVERYTHING IN CAPS and it just comes off as funny when you read it. The email department was quite a bit less stressful than phones and easier to answer questions, since you can just copy and paste the regular answers rather than having to sit on the phone and try to describe where the refresh button is and how to push it. Anyhow, with that rather lengthy preface here is my all time favorite email received that summer. The last line is really a zinger!

From: Shahin Hashemi [mailto:shahin808@
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 8:51 PM
To: CustomerCare@Realtor.com

I am trying to find a nice apartment or house in San Francisco around the University and close to metropolitan area in city of San Francisco.

your web page is very very confusing. Do not give any picture of any apartment or house.

Do not give any information about Berkely or Metropolitan area.

DO asked many stupid question that is not necessary.

IS not any one business when I want to move there and when I want to live there . What this has to do with any on want to buy properties.

I have and No one have any idea what is that’ll OR what every you asking is to continue.

The loan or other financial mater SHOULD not have any thing to do with people able to continue see what you have to offer.

Some people DO not want to have loan or have any thing to do with these silly question FIRST. People can pay without need to get loan too.

You Not only not helping people in this mater, you are pushing away people to not bother at all look at your web. First show some thing before get the people going through millions DO and Do so they get fed up and shut down the computer.

Are you people need have have business or just out of your mind and happy to have web and confuses people.


Pat said...

Thanks for the laugh, that was great!

erica e said...

oh boy. well, he told you.

S+S said...

Wow, It took me a while to decipher what he was saying. What I'm curious about is how you responded to his email(if at all).