Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Marielle!

Our little Marielle turned two last week. We still call her our baby, but she really is growing up! Marielle's grandparents made the trek out to Houston for the birthday celebrations, so had lots of birthday fun all weekend. Here's some of the highlights:

Marielle's B-day Breakfast
Dad went to work late so we could all enjoy a pancake breakfast together. Marielle got her name spelled in pancakes (MaryL since her whole name was getting kinda long!) and she ate almost all the letters! Parents got some fun shapes too.

We sang happy birthday to her and she kept saying "all gone," so hopefully that will go over better next year.

Later that weekend...
We had pizza for dinner and Marielle got her own personal pan. She ate her pizza all by herself, so I felt I made the right dish since she couldn't really request her favorite.
She opened her presents with "oohs" as each new item was pulled from the gift bag. We also had a butterfly cake which she hardly noticed because she was too busy playing with her new kitchen set.
I finally got her to even sit down to eat some cake and ice cream by letting her sit in her special chair and using a spoon from her new kitchen set.
Here's one more in her new birthday dress. So cute! Happy Birthday Marielle!

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kr said...

Such a doll and she does have a great birthday! I love the Halloween costume. Love Suzanne and Kurt