Monday, April 13, 2009

Give the Dragon a Hand

Marielle has developed a healthy fear of dragons, as those of you that have come to visit my house are well aware. About once a day, she will tell me "A dragon is coming" and then we yell and run to the closet, where we call the police on her toy phone and they promptly come to haul the vicious beast away. Then we come out and ask Mom, "Are you safe?" (She always is.)

A few weeks ago, Marielle and I were at the playground when she announced that the dragon was coming. We ran from slide to tree and then back up the stairs. At this point, I had the bright idea to hit the plastic roof of the playground and with a WHOMP told Marielle that the dragon was now on the roof. Her eyes grew wide as saucers, and we hurried down the slide. She told me all the way home and all the next day how the dragon was "at the pway gwound. I heared it."

Well, apparently I can fool a 2 year, 5 month old, but not a 2-and-a-half year old, because today at the play ground when I tried to recreate the experience. Marielle told me, "No...that was...that was your...hand. Not a dragon."


123 checkoutourfamily said...

hahaha....that's funny. I wonder if she had a bad dream about a dragon. I use to have a reoccuring dream about a dragon when I was a child.

Stacey said...

cute story. kids sure pick up on things fast don't they?

Anonymous said...
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David Sycamore said...

Wow, why a dragon? I'm not sure that Anya even knows what a dragon is. Good luck with the therapy!