Saturday, April 4, 2009

Learning How to Leave A Message

Months ago at Ryan's Company picnic we won some dress up shoes in the kid's raffle. Since they were way too big, we stashed in the guest room closet. Well of course, Marielle found them. She was thrilled and wanted to open them right away, I stalled her by saying they were her friend Rachel's. (Rachel does infact have a pair of these shoes which she has worn over at our house before.) Marielle was fascinated by the shoes and kept repeating over and over that they were Rachel's. Mostly I think she just wanted me to open them, but I continued to stall. I tried to distract her with a phone call to dad, and you can listen to the result.

(Transcribed in case it's hard to hear the audio)

Marielle, "Hey Dada, These are..These are Rachel's. These are Rachel's Dad. These are Rachel's"

Mom,"Say I love you!"

Marielle, "These are Rachel's Dad! Talk!"

Mom,"It's just a message, he's not there."

Marielle, "Ohh... "

Mom, "Say I love you, bye, bye!"

Marielle, "Bye, bye."

As you can tell, she was getting frantic that Dad wasn't responding to her on the phone. Soon after that call I re-hid the shoes in another closet on a very tall shelf. I probably should have done that first thing, but then we wouldn't have such a cute message to listen to. :)


Heartstopper said...

so are you going to record all phone conversations like dad did?

"I'm not starvin' yet!!"

Melissa said...

That is so cute! She sounds just like Addie - they get so excited and confused when they talk. And that cracks me up that she was trying to get him to talk, because Addie says the exact same thing when we don't respond to her right away.