Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jenna and Marielle

Here's a few cute pictures from our first week at home with Jenna and Marielle. Jenna continues to be our dream baby with lots of sleeping, cuddling and of course eating. She doesn't spit up much which is great because we currently don't have any burp cloths. (Where I put them I don't know...maybe I threw them away??) She hardly ever cries, although I hear from Grandma that 10-12pm gets a little rough but Ryan and I are usually snoring during that time so our reality hits tomorrow night when Grandma flies home.

We've had a few jealousy issues like the time Marielle told Dad to "Give Mom back to Jenna!" or when she tried to claim Jenna's nursing pillow for her own, but for the most part Marielle fawns over her and is very gentle and sweet. (P.S. Dad wasn't holding me ransom to evoke Marielle's quote, he was holding Jenna and Marielle got a little mixed up in her emotion.)

We are just thrilled to have a new little one in the house. Enjoy some of our favorite pictures. :)
First bath -- both have froggie hoodies or as we call them "tow-tows"
Doesn't Marielle look enormous compared to Jenna??
Jenna 90% of the time...
Marielle requested this picture of them holding hands. :)
I love these sleepy smiles!!!


Quite Content said...

Very cute pictures. It was great to see you at the library Wednesday. You looked great! Congratulations on another beautiful daughter.

James, Cameo, Jacob, Elijah said...

Soo cute!! I couldn't believe how gigantic Jacob was after we brought Eli home. I could have sworn he had grown since I went to the hospital. I especially thought his head was HUGE!! It's funny how that happens!!

123 checkoutourfamily said...

Welcome to the 2 babies world. Just wait till they start interacting...it's so fun and very cute. Brielle just loves to watch Brayden and he laughs at her and thinks she's silly.

You have 2 beautiful daughters and I'm way jealous of your delivery story.