Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life with a Two Gestationally-Diabetic, Pregnant Women

Most of you are aware that Mary Karlee is 37 weeks pregnant and has developed gestational diabetes. But you probably don't know that Marielle also has a baby in her tummy and has developed a very similar insulin-resistant condition. He's a few snapshots from the last couple weeks:

  1. Marielle looked at the nutrition label on a box of oatmeal for a minute, then said "38." I guess she's learned how to count carbs too.
  2. We spied Marielle playing in her room one day with a camera case that apparently doubles as a glucose monitor: "I need check my blood sugar." She fiddled for a second and then looks at it, "Uh oh." (is this a sign that mom is getting high numbers too often??)
  3. After dinner, Marielle says daily "I need go stretch out my tummy." And off she trots with Mom to the couch to lay out and stretch out her very full tummy (this is actually a hold-over from before the diabetes hit and mom ate way too much at dinner time to fit in her already cramped tummy.)
  4. "I can't sing. I have a baby." Apparently she feels this is Mom's excuse for many things.
  5. After I skateboarded with her up and down our cul-de-sac, "Dada, I can't do more. My back hurts."
In sum, the phrase like mother like daughter has never been more true. However, we're not prepared for two infants come delivery day, so we hope that Marielle is just bluffing.


123 checkoutourfamily said...

hahaha...how cute! By the way, I totally forgot to call you for the garage sale but I made my way over and found some good deals. I also don't have your home or cell number. I guess they've changed and I haven't updated them.

Jana said...

We hope she's not disappointed when she doesn't have her own baby! These little people watch us so closely. We'll keep you all in our prayers in these coming weeks. Take good care of each other. Love to you all.

Karisa said...

We are so excited to hear your news! Take care! And that was a hilarious post.

Slim said...

hee. hee. That is so funny about her checking her GD! Y'all are in Santa Barbara! I bet your mom loves that now that you are so much closer!!! That is so fun!