Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marielle Turned Three (Again)!

This year Marielle scored an extended birthday. It was practically a birthday season since she got a themed party in Houston, then two months of birthday limbo where she thought she was three because she already had a party, but was really still two since her birthday hadn't come yet. Well the limbo is over and she can confidently put up her three fingers now that October 23rd has passed. Her first party was Under the Sea. We aimed to downplay the princess theme, but still keep Marielle happy with Ariel in the mix. We had such a fun party with her little friends in Houston.
Yum! We made seaweed and fish cake.

We took pictures at home to stall a very excited birthday girl.

We had dinner.

We found Ariel's treasures in the woods.

We danced with seaweed streamers to Under the Sea.

We hovered over presents. :)

We had a blast!

Then on her birthday DAY we had more fun:

We had "M" pancakes in a birthday tent built by Marielle and Dad.

We went to the pumpkin patch.

We ran like crazy in our new princess tennis shoes (Note: Mom,Dad and Jenna did not get new shoes).

We had a birthday dinner. (Marielle's request? Chicken and corn. Nice.)

We ended our day with presents and cake and ice cream.
Seriously, I want to turn three next year. Marielle's birthday rocked.


Alayne said...

Happy Birthday, Marielle! What a fun day. The pumpkin patch looks like a blast! It's nice to know that just Marielle got new princess shoes. I was having a hard time visualizing Ryan running through a pumpkin patch in his princess shoes :-)

TheSycamores said...

Happy Birthday Marielle! Your party pictures look like lots of fun.

Love Grandma Sycamore

PSC said...

Yeah! One year closer to 21-- and we know what happens at 21!