Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Conversations

Marielle (abbreviated Me) and I had some great conversations this last week. The first one stemmed from Grandma's reading of The Lion King as a bedtime story. Me became fixated on the the elephant graveyard, bringing it up again and again. MK thought Me is too young for the full explanation, but Dad, as a self-respecting carnivore, took the opportunity to explain the Circle of Life. Holding nothing back, I explained the bones were dead elephants eaten clean by hyenas. Two days later dead elephants bones were apparently still on her mind. This little gem of a conversation comes from Christmas Eve:

Dad: ...and Santa brings presents to the good girls and boys. You've been good haven't you? You help mom with Jenna.
Me: I help her eat. But not like the hyenas. They eat the elephants skin and ears. [pause] But I don't know what happened to their eyes.
Dad: Yeah, I don't know.
Me: I think they ate them.
Dad: Yeah, I think so.
Me: And their noses. [pause] And their teeth.
Dad: No, not their teeth.
[Cue mom, coming in to say goodnight, and horrified that they are YET AGAIN talking about that page!]

Lest you think my daughter only talks about elephant bones, here is another conversation I found funny. To make sure you get where she's coming from she calls any time in the past "last week."

Dad: Who gave you the floor puzzle?
Me: Grandma
Dad: No, Mom and Dad gave it to you.
Me: When did you get it?
Dad: We bought it at the store.
Me: No, when did you get it?
Dad: Last week.
Me: Oh, before you had kids?
Dad: No, we had you and Jenna. You just weren't with us at the store.
Me: Who was I with?
Dad: Me.
Me: Oh. And mom bought it?

See Marielle, we do have lives even when you are not watching.

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