Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Gospel of Marielle

Today was Marielle's first day as a Sunbeam. Ryan & I find it hard to believe our little girl is getting so big. We asked Marielle several times what she learned in Primary today, but the best account came during our family testimony meeting:

Marielle (Me): Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's Ghost doesn't have a body yet.
MK: No, he doesn't.
Me: He's just a hand.

I figured out the object lesson, but Ryan was confused until I explained. Can you tell what lesson Marielle's teacher gave?

I'll post the answer as a comment in a few days if no one else outsmarts my PhD husband.


Heartstopper said...

How about the old hand = spirit & glove = body object lesson? Can I get a PhD now?

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I'm excited for Brayden to be a Sunbeam too. Our ward just split so we haven't had a week of Sunbeams yet.

I'm thinking she learned about the GodHead and how the HG is a member with no body.

sherrie bebe said...

Definitely the hand and glove lesson...they did that in our Primary last week as well! That's awesome to know she's paying attention and learning something. Sure do miss you guys!

David Sycamore said...

That reminds me of the story of when Michael was little and talking to Mom about the spirit world. Mom explained that before we were born that we didn't have bodies. Michael was very concerned and asked if we were just heads then. I think that's how it went anyway. It's funny how you remember those things. I have had a picture of people as floating heads in the spirit world in my head for years now! What does that say about me?