Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After Ryan finished finals, he declared emancipation from school and took a Friday holiday. We celebrated by taking a day trip to Solvang, a small, charming, if not too touristy, little Danish village 40 minutes down the road.

First stop, posed picture by the lovely flower garden.
Next, same planter, new angle. I suggested Ryan re-take the picture since we were missing prettiest flowers. Notice the lovely pavement and blaring oversized load in the background. I thought it was a nice improvement too.
Deja vu! The first shoe picture was taken nearly four years ago in the exact same spot. I was pregnant with Marielle in the first picture. (Look again and you'll notice my chubby pregnant face if nothing else.) Marielle is much cuter out of the womb, don't you think?
The weather was perfect. The company was fabulous and we made it out without any impulse buys. It was a great day for the Mullens.

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