Sunday, June 6, 2010

The most ironic thing I said today

Jenna is weaned now and that means I'm fasting again. Yes, after 9 months of pregnancy and 12 months of nursing, it's been awhile. And I'll be honest, it's been hard. I was moaning and whining to my non-sympathetic husband and said, "Pregnancy and nursing have ruined me for self-sacrifice." Ironic, but true.

I know by posting this story I just lost any spiritual rewards I might gain in heaven, but I thought there would probably be more than a few of you who could relate and couldn't resist sharing.

P.S. My husband's response was, "Yes, pregnancy and nursing are the epitome of selfishness."


Jeannie said...

That is an awesome statement. Borderline oxymoron. And I think you still get "heavenly credit" just for being so honest. ;)

PSC said...

I tried to pull the "I can't fast because of the new baby," but apparently when you can only bottle feed, the argument doesn't hold up.

Mary Karlee said...

What I really want to know if it was Sarah or Percy making that last comment?

Aaron n Jamie said...

I confess that I felt the exact same way last Sunday as it was my first Sunday to not fast. But I gotta be honest - fasting vs being pregnant right now..... fasting wins hands down.

Dixie said...

I'm working on weaning Dave-o, but surprisingly I'm having a hard time. Psychologically I know he's our last and I don't want this time in my life to end.
Good luck with the fasting. I'm sure I'll be joining you soon.