Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mullen Family Genes

Turns out my offspring are adept at destroying electronics - particularly phones.

We discovered Marielle's power as an infant, when Aunt Julia let M.e. play with her phone. The phone went straight into our baby's mouth, was covered in slobber and never worked again.

One offshoot of this experience was a new found admiration for my father-in-law. In an effort to forestall the expectation that he would replace the wanton* destruction of expensive electronics, he came up with the following list of, what I consider, innovative attempts to restore this dead phone to life:
  1. Let it sit for a while.
  2. Blow dry it.
  3. Put it in the truck outside at noon. (It gets hot in there.)
  4. Bake it. In the oven.
Eventually, Julia did get a new phone, but my kids also got an algorithm they'll have to follow if they want me to replace their broken toys.

*Lest you think Julia was our victim, or that we should have offered to replace her cellphone, we warned her of the toxic effects of Marielle's drool.

Jenna's turn came just a few days ago. She picked a bigger phone that wouldn't fit in her mouth easily, and apparently didn't care for having to generate all that saliva, so she just threw it in the toilet. It's just as dead and was a lot less work.

Do you think this ability qualifies us to form the Incredi-Mullens? Or for those of you that have read the Alcratraz series, maybe we should name the next state penitentiary after my daughters.


Aaron n Jamie said...

I am very impressed at the high level of thought that went into the grossest, most effiecient way to kill a phone. Makes you wonder about what else has made it into your toilets....

PSC said...

I thought of your blog this weekend when Percy's iPod was put in the washing machine. He opted to try putting it in a bowl of rice to absorb the water.

PSC said...

My ipod is now working thanks to the miracle rice. It might have just been time to drain out on its own but I'm not willing to test it again just to prove that it was the miracle rice.