Sunday, May 9, 2010

I do work, now.

Once when I was at lunch with some ladies, I asked my friend Liz if she thought she would ever go back to work. She replied, "I do work. Now." Oh, right. She is an accomplished artist who paints on commission and gives art lessons out of her home. To make my faux pas even worse, I was one of her students! Just so you will never make the same mistake with me one day when we are having lunch, here's some evidence that I do work, now.

Aren't they cute? These little students are so great. Each one is making remarkable progress and I love getting to know them individually. Yes, my three-hour-a-week job is a pretty swell gig!

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Officer Leeroy said...

Do you have a preference on a teaching methodology? Do you use Bastien or Alfred or something else?