Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jenna is 1!

One year ago, Jenna joined our family. You'll recall we didn't find out if we were having a boy or a girl, but MK became convinced she was housing a boy. I still laugh when I remember her confusion when I told her "It's a girl." She quickly latched to the idea (and baby Jenna) and now the prophecies around our house have shifted to an "all-girl" family: Marielle insists our having a boy is just "silly" and MK is happy to reinforce. MK's even bent on having 4 girls at once next go-around, though I'm (80%) certain she's joking.

Here's some pics from our traditional letter-shaped pancake birthday breakfast in a makeshift tent:

Thanks, Shula for the matching jam-jams.

Mom and daughter.
Both are training for their first game of Ultimate.

Dad and daughters.
Jenna has gotten very into books over the last few weeks. We laugh when she "reads" them herself because she usually growls, which I guess she learned from her Mom.

And here's a few facts about our birthday girl:

"the mall" - what MK & I call Marielle's bed, which Jenna hangs out on and bounces squealing in delight the whole time
the bath - she's tried to climb in several times, but is yet to be successful
outside - like Kim Minson, she bolts at the sight of an open door
Doritos - who knew?
climbing on the computer chair
head shaking
YouTube videos
being back-scratched to sleep

seeing Mom leave the room
having to sign "more" or "milk" to get her food
head bows
unsweetened oatmeal - Dad's mistake
artificial nap
the end of the ice cream!!

Latest Accomplishments
responding with 1 upright finger when asked "How old are you?"
signing "more" and "milk" (see above)


Mary Karlee said...

Happy Birthday little Jenna, we sure love you. Nice post Ryan. :)

PSC said...

I can't believe she is 1! Marielle has grown up so much too!

Kimi said...

Jenna you're 1!! I hope you get to eat chocolate cake and smash it all over your face. Love Aunt Kimi.

jenn said...

Happy birthday Jenna! Love the matching jammies :)

Aaron said...

Happy Birthday Jenna. So, I love that you call the bed "the Mall." That will come in handy when the girls are older and ask you to drive them to the mall.