Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End is Nigh!

Today marks 37 weeks, and I am happy to be home from our Christmas trip to El Paso, undelivered. Now that I'm home and a safe twenty minutes from the hospital, bring it. This baby and I are not too happy with the tight compartments and the fight for space can't last too much longer. In honor of Q's imminent arrival, we are going to play

"Predict the Pounds!"

Rules: Guess baby's weight closest and you win!
Rewards: A sense of pride in your psychic skills AND one pound of Sees Candy. We'll send you the gift certificate if you have a Sees nearby, if you don't, we'll mail the box of candy straight to you.

Some clues to get your guessing juice going:
  • Marielle weighed 8 lbs 12 oz and Jenna weighed 8 lbs 11 oz.
  • No gestational diabetes with this pregnancy
  • I was overdue three days with Marielle, one week early with Jenna
If you want to really show your psychic abilities you can guess the birth date too, but know that if you guess anywhere past January 20th you are automatically eliminated. This mama does NOT want to go overdue. Happy Guessing!




Nathan and Sarah said...

I am in for 8 pounds 3 ounces! Good luck! We are excited for you!

Flem said...

8 lbs 5 oz.

Predicted due date: January 20th at 11:59.

Dad of the Year said...

Lee - you're playing with fire.

Mary Karlee said...

Nice to see the predictions roll in. Since we've had a few comments on buzz as well so to avoid double guesses --
Spragues 8-4
Ben 8-10
Kimi 8-2 on the 19th at 10:37pm

And while I'm here, I'll throw in my guess...7-9, here's hoping!

Alayne said...

I'll say 8lbs 8oz and we'll go for about 5 days early, so the 15th!!! Here's to happy laboring :-)

Jenae said...

Ooo I'll play. throw me in for 8-11. Good luck buddy!

Katie said...

8 lbs 15 ounces. And if I win, that's how much Sees I want too.

Dad of the Year said...

Katie - we looked for bulk materials cheap enough to offer in the precise birth weight as incentive. The only things cheap enough are wheat, styrofoam, and circus peanuts. Let us know which you prefer.

Aaron n Jamie said...

8 lbs 13 oz. - I am thinking boy on January 18th. Blonde hair, 5 toes, 5 fingers.... hopefully I get something right!

Rachel said...

Hi MK! I have an induction date on the 21st, but I am positive that things will happen even earlier. I hope for you too! January 14th weighing 8-12. and being a boy at that! Love, Armstrong

Annie said...

8 lb 12.7 oz. girl on the 18th.

Christy said...

Well I was going to guess 6.13 until I read about your first two. Hmmm. How about 7.13. Here's wishing you a smaller baby. She's coming Jan 17th at 3:30 am.
Best wishes!

Lyndsi said...

7 pounds 14 ounces (so excited no one took my guess yet).....promise I'm not playing with fire, Ryan :-)

123 checkoutourfamily said...

I'm going with 8lbs 14 oz ....good luck and I hope you DON'T go over your due date

Katie said...

Circus peanuts.

Dipped in Sees chocolate.

Karisa said...

I'm so excited for you! I'm on a diet so I won't guess, because I would LOVE to have some See's candy, darnit.

Dad of the Year said...

Katie - I'll see what I can do. I can't promise they'll be shelled before they're dipped, tho.

Dad of the Year said...

Justin Sycamore - $1.....oh wrong game.
Shirley Sycamore - I guess 8 lbs 5.8 oz. He will be born January 18th. Send me my See's. I like nuts and chews!

Jon Sycamore - Caucasian male, 8 lbs 11.1 oz, brown hair, blue eyes. Jan 11th.

Ryan Mullen - Caucasian? Do you mean White (Non-Hispanic)?Jan

Jeffrey Sycamore - I'm guessing 7 lbs 14.5 oz

Tinker guesses 9 lb 2 oz

Grandma Martin guesses 9 lb 3 oz

Grandma Sycamore guesses 8 lb 11-1/28:44 am

Kate said...

My guess of 7 lbs. 14 ounces was already taken- So, I am going 7 pounds 15 ounces