Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Unknown Carol

If your house is anything like our house, you would start listening to Christmas carols sometime around Oct 1. Except your wife is a staunch Christmas-doesn't-start-until-after-Thanksgiving-ist. So come Black Friday, when other (crazy) people are standing in 4 hour lines at [insert favorite store here]*, you are breaking out the favorite movies and songs you only get to listen to for a few short weeks each year. You solicit carol recommendations on Google Buzz. You sing at the top of your lungs as you leave your office, and even as you go mountain biking with the scouts on Saturday morning. You host a Christmas carol sing-along and all your friends are impressed** you know all the actions to The 12 Days of Christmas.

And then, come Dec. 7, you find that you've OD'd on Christmas spirit. Just a little bit. I mean, you're still excited for the Big Day. But you just need a 3 minute and 19 second break. Something ... fresh. Well, that my friends, is why we have this sweet video:

*except Wal-mart. Please tell me you don't go to Wal-mart. I think 4 hours in Wal-mart is long enough for the fluorescent lighting to leach into your soul.
** you were impressed, right?


Annie said...

Nice. I love that song - such a pick me up. I was one of those crazy Black Friday Wal-Mart people this year - my first and last time at that, but I saved a lot!

Stacey said...

Awesome video. If only life was like that... My hubby was glad for my lost voice last week, so I couldn't annoy them with all my Christmas singing. I agree with Mary Karlee though, you have to wait until after Thanksgiving!

Katie said...

I'm a sucker for Christmas AND Neil Diamond, so this made me smile. Thank you!

Karisa said...

Love it! Putting it on my blog! Thanks! Merry Christmas you guys!